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Generate more leads.

Talk to more prospects. Know your market. Be real about your sales pipeline. Understand their pain. Ask the hard questions. Hustle. Close more business. Have fun!



CrowdElephant Services

The services described below are well-tested and affordable. In fact, we suggest you start small to see what works best. Give us a call and let's discuss!

Lead Generation

You may have a great product, but unless people know about it, you're wasting valuable time. You can raise more money, hire more people, but you can't replace the time you've lost. And with technology shelf life getting shorter, being in front of your market sooner than later is huge. We can help you with that. More leads = more prospects and sales!

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Webinar Services

People love webinars with smart content. In fact, this is one of the best ways to create awareness that you exist and generate real interest for your products and services. It's a non-intrusive way for people to have their questions answered, and a great way to understand your market better. Let's do a webinar and generate some leads!

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Sales Pipeline Academy

Technology companies are excellent at product and technology training but need better sales and business development education. Our video and coaching programs will help salesreps, business development pros and C-level execs think about new business strategies. We're launching October 1, 2017; sign up below for info on our launch!

Launching 10-1-17

Call me for a free 30 minute consult

Hi, my name is Charlie d'Estries, CrowdElephant's principle consultant, and I invite you to click below for a free consult. If you think you might need some help-advice-ideas-encouragement on whatever your challenge is, then by all means let me know by clicking on the link below. I promise to get back to you pretty fast. :)

A New Sales Training Platform is Hatching Soon

The life science and STEM fields are excellent at product and technology training but need more access to affordable sales and business development education. Thousands of sales, business development and marketing people are looking for new (and old!) ways to break into accounts, attract more prospects and generate more business. That's why we're launching Sales Pipeline Academy on October 1, 2017. Our video and coaching programs will help kick-start new salesreps, offer vital new tactics to business development pros and push edgy ideas to C-level execs thinking about business strategies. Sign up below to be the first to hear about our launch promotions!









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