Landing Page Design & Launch

Create one or more landing pages for your products, services, and events and occupy more actionable real estate for your business.

After purchasing (if we need a CDA to chat please send one to [email protected]) we'll schedule a consult (phone, Skype, Facebook, Hangouts) to discuss your landing page requirements and any other package or bundle you may have purchased.

Each landing page comes with a main page, a one or two-step webform process* page, a friendly pop-up reminder (optional; in case they are ready to click away without filling out the form), and a thank you page (or a redirect to a thank you page on your website). The site can also contain countdown timers, beautiful header graphics, and content (this is all discussed in our initial consult after purchase).

This service also includes new content every month added to the landing page. Content is curated online (or sent to me by the client) and prior to publishing, the content copy is sent to the client for editing and approval.

From purchase > consult > first draft > comments > second draft > comments > final draft = 2 weeks (depending on velocity of consult and comments; three drafts are included with purchase). 

If you have questions before purchasing, please send an email to [email protected] and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


*When the main page contains a webform — that's the form site visitors fill out — that is a one-step form process, after which their contact information is sent to an email address(s) or an email marketing system like MailChimp. However, sometimes one would rather have a two-step process, where a site visitor clicks on a link (on the main page) for more information, and they land on a page with a webform (and possibly more information to encourage them to add their name and email address to your mailing list).